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Directed By:
Jeff Leroy

Lorenzo Lamas and Priscilla Barnes

Rated R
Genre: Horror/Science Fiction
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, brief nudity and drug use
Also Known As:
Unseen Evil 2 (Orignal Title)


Five years after a group of College students and their greedy Professor was horribly murdered by an invisible force while trying to steal alien gold from a tunnel. Kate, the lone suvivor of the trip locked herself up in an asylum, in order to protect herself from the unseen evil that wants her dead.

The army wants proof of the alien existance and hires a group of Mercenaries to find the tunnel and the treasure. But what they don't know is that there's another creature. But a pair of murderous psychopaths among them only joined to steal the treasure for themselves.


I place blame for this utter disaster of a movie squarely on one of the worst directors of this or any century. I'm speaking of Jeff Leroy. If you look up HACK DIRECTOR in the dictionary, not only would his picture be there, but his entire life story! If I was going to write or direct a sequel to something, I would at least watch the original. But this complete moron didn't. He changed the location, the first movie happened in the forest, not the freaking desert. The creature was dumped their CENTURIES AGO! If it was freaking prelude to invasion what the hell took so long for then to return? The cave drawling said it was a failed experiment that they dumped here. ANOTHER BAD CHANGE. They totally changed the creature's look. Plus the OTHER SHOE ending, after KATE kills it, a UFO shows up with a freaking army of those things. The end of the world. A bad ending, what would expect from the hack Jeff Leroy who brought you CAMP BLOOD. Another pile of crap. I give it the NOOSE.



I agree with Zedd on this. The first movie wasn't perfect, but it was bloody Oscar material compared to this total "toilet fodder" as Zedd likes to say. My question is what the hell compelled Lorenzo Lamas and Priscilla Barnes to do this dung heap. I mean they may not be on HOLLYWOOD'S "A-LIST" anymore but God, they're better then this. It's like if PLAN 9 starred Bronson Pinchot. To be fair, the effects were very good, but as I always say, that's no excuse to wreck a sequel. It should have stayed in the forrest, they shouldn't have changed the monster design and there is never an excuse for a bad ending. That moronic dirctor only changed the alien reason for being here so he can have a bad ending. Well LEROY! The SHOGUN OF HARLEM says this isn't HORROR, it's SCIENCE FICTION and science fiction doesn't have a bad ending to be Sci-Fi. Then again, I say it can have a happy ending and still be HORROR. There is no excuse for a bad ending, it's bad writing and bad directing. Not to mention they ripped off that famous scene from ID4 where the alien used the Scientist's dead body to communicate. Who ever wrecked a pretty decent movie should be hanged and never work in movies again for they have no freakin' clue of what makes a good movie. I give "ALIEN 3000"...THE NOOSE!!!



+ CREATURE EFFECTS (Desite being different then the first movie, it was pretty cool.)
+LORENZO LAMAS & PRISCILLA BARNS (Lorenzo Lamas and Priscilla Barnes do a good job.)
+ EFFECTS (The gore effects were impressive.)


- CHANGES (There's some many thing changed in this pile of puke no wonder they changed the title. Now to list them all.)
- DESSERT (It wasn't a dessert, it was in a forest.)
- MONSTER DESIGN (The monster design is good, but all wrong.)
- REASON (The creature was not a prelude to invasion.)
- STORY (They wrecked it with all the changes.)
- LORENZO LAMAS & PRISCILLA BARNS (What the hell is Lorenzo Lamas and Priscilla Barnes doing in this loser?)


- CLIMAX (After using the gold to kill the monster which made no sense, considering the alien ate the gold like substance. A invasion ship arrives, a ship of one. But it was filled wit thos beasts. So Earth is f***ed, again.)